Fan Club

Welcome to the National Team Fan Club website!

Following the successful approach adopted by our friends in England and The Netherlands, the German Football Association's (DFB) German National Team Fan Club is aimed at creating the kind of supporters' structure that clubs have enjoyed for many years now. Established in close co-operation with DFB partners Coca-Cola, the club's prime objectives are to achieve a higher degree of involvement with the team, to ensure more transparency, to design and carry out joint projects involving players and supporters, to increase the level of support, and generally offer fans a better service.

The intention is for fans to form a community and to create a common identity based on genuine support for, and solidarity with, the national team. This will result not only in a much improved atmosphere in the stadiums, but also in a strengthened sense of togetherness amongst what used to be rather diverse groupings of supporters. The huge success we have had with some major pre-match choreographies shows it can be done. It goes without saying that fair-play and respect for the opposition are at the heart of all our efforts. Established in March 2003, the German National Team Fan Club now boasts more than 50,000 registered members who have benefited from an impressive range of services including regular sweepstakes, supporters' tournaments, special package deals at away games, an exclusive website, attractive merchandising offers, invitations to exciting events organised at match venues, not to forget some preferential treatment when it comes to obtaining those elusive match tickets.

Oliver Bierhoff, 1996 European champion and responsible manager for all of the team's organisational needs and off-pitch activities, has gladly accepted the role of patron for the supporters' club. He has a regular column on national team affairs in the club's members-only website and is the key "link" between the DFB and its partners on the one hand, and the fan base on the other. In that role, Oliver has been ably supported by regional member representatives since 2006. Their assistance and local input is invaluable as the German team plays its home matches in venues right across the country, rather than at one and the same national stadium.

On the fan club website, users find the complete, continuously up-dated range of services: all the latest information and news, a host of interactive components (e.g. live chats and interviews), match reports, player portraits, and member forums. Figuratively speaking, the club's website is the common arena for all members to meet in"visiting the website is like attending a home match together.